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Monday, November 9, 2015

Murder by Cell Phone,DIAL M.

The Cell Phone Murders, DIAL M.

The recent death of Russia Today’s Mikhail Leskin in a US hotel room begs the question as to what exactly happened? This article will tie in with the Obama instruction to murder any opponents of his NWO system anywhere, anytime and anyone. You might be next, so please read on.
As most are aware, the heart is a muscular as well as an electrical conductor. The heart can be stimulated to beat faster or slower simply by the presence of hormones and by electrical stimulation.[1,2] The latest discovery that a person can be seen through a wall just by the presence of his WiFi signals coming out of his cell phone can now be used to KILL![3]

In a normally beating heart, the rhythm is so much in the background that one fails to notice it, just as normal breathing is done. Put in a WiFi signal that can cause the heart beat to fibrillate and you have the makings of a cardiac arrest. If you can receive WiFI signals from a phone you can also send the signal back, albeit amplified to cause the heart which is near the phone to go into fibrillation. The latest phones now have WiFi charging. The person will be dead in about 4 minutes unless emergency assist can be had straight away. This is now the new mode of killing. [4]
Let’s take a possible scenario here. Previously, the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD employed a person to be physically present in the room in order that a signal could be sent to kill someone who was about to speak or expose something they did not like. The assassin had to be physically present. Now it can be done remotely and without the use of people or drones. This was provided the victim was also carrying a cell phone, as most people now do.
Fibrillation of the heart is marked by a very rapid, disorganized twitching and trembling of the heart muscles in place of the normal rhythm. Ventricular fibrillation produces cardiac arrest, in which no heart beat, pulse or blood pressure is detectable. Death is almost immediate and within minutes. I am also sure you are aware of the recent case where someone was able to hack into a pacemaker’s software and cause it to malfunction causing death, so the effect is similar here. Your heart has a natural pacemaker, the SA node and the Purkinje Fibers, which set your heart beat at the correct level for you to live and function. [5,6]

Why assassinate?
The out of control and insane US/UK administration along with its mastermind, Israel are linked up to kill all their enemies. In order to do a clean job without the use of too many assassins, the use of the cell phone has now become an important tool. The groundswell in support of anti-war movements and the rapid increase in the number of activists and hacktivists using social media has exposed this insane cabal as a murderous regime out to destroy and dominate all aspects of human life.

Watch the above Surrogates trailer with Bruce Willis and see that the black police detective says at 1:08 minutes that "The public cannot be allowed to get the idea that using a surrogate can be fatal..." now substitute word "surrogate" and use "Cell phone" and you get the message. Watch this scene from a spoof of the movie Surrogates (2009) starring Bruce Willis. They "Died" with their cell phones in their hands!

This mad cabal run by the devil itself will want maximum carnage in order to bring about the anti-Christ, a figure expected in all the major religions of the world. Hence it has gone into hyperdrive to kill all the activists it can find and by remote means causing a Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS) trauma.
Assassinated Victim
Method used

John F Kennedy
Rifle shot by CIA/FBI with bullet hitting his head and killing him.
Patsy killed and many conspiracy theories. A messy affair for all.
Malcolm X (Haji Shabbaz)
Shotguns shoot him down whilst speaking on a stage.
Messy affair and police complicit in his murder. A “captain” of the NOI sentenced for his murder many years later.
Martin Luther King
Rifle shot.
Messy affair.

Litvinenko (exKGB,CIA/MI6/MOSSAD)
Radioactive Polonium isotope in an umbrella.
Hospitalized and media frenzy. Too much noise because he was Mossad.

Benazir Bhutto
Rifle shot to head.
Killed instantly and messy affair.
Osama bin Laden
Supposedly killed by Seal Team 6 in Pakistan.
All Seal Team 6 members were themselves killed and messy affair.
Anwar al Awlaki
Hellfire missile from a drone in Yemen
KIA but very costly.
Paul Walker of 'Fast and Furious' fame.
CIA hit via remote control hacking of sportscar driven by Walker.
Messy and too much publicity.
Mikhail Lesin (RT Founder, dead November 7th 2015)

Jonah Lomu (dead at 40 years old, Nov.18, 2015)
“Heart attack” Most likely death by WiFi.

"Cardiac Arrest" because of Kidney trouble/failure. Rugby All Blacks player for New Zealand.
Hyperkill or TeleKill. Quiet. Efficient. No mess !
Probably killed by World Cup Rugby Gambling Mafia who wanted New Zealand to lose in the Final match in 2015.

I was targeted.
In mid October 2015, I was using WiFi connections and was hit by a strong signal and I was expecting this to happen. But the signal was not severe enough to cause a heart attack, hence this article to warn all users. I had already taken some precautions earlier and they worked. I would advise all to get rid of your i-phones and cell phones and use a land line if you need to talk, avoid carrying other cell phones as well and download a defibrillator app that can help you (there is such a thing). Reveal your phone number under proxy if you must. And take Bruce Willis' advice when he says,"....get Offline now!"
Your best option is to get off the grid and prepare for WW3 that is about to happen. Live well and stay strong.
To the CIA insane cabal, I challenge them to try gain because I know they will fail, as their grid will soon be in a SHTF condition.[7]
Please see my references for more information.


6.     A video by a cardiologist on Youtube that you can see the potential for murder is true if the wave energy is pumped up. See here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL7VciHDDI0
7.     Inside the CIA kill list http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/iraq-war-on-terror/topsecretamerica/inside-the-cias-kill-list/
8. General information from the American Heart Association 
9.  About Jonah Lomu's career. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3323031/All-Blacks-superstar-Jonah-Lomu-unstoppable-force-rugby-field-rare-kidney-disorder-cut-life-tragically-short-age-40.html

Sunday, September 13, 2015

911 inside job done by Cheney and the CIA goons with MOSSAD throwing the switch to "pull it".

This brave lady, an air flight attendant analyses the whole 911 lie put out by the "official media". New revelations point out the real perpetrators were the Israeli MOSSAD.
Her book is Methodical Deception.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Advances in Vote Manipulation - DIY in Singapore

How to cheat and get away with the latest technology in Voting.

Dictatorships suffer from a so called renewal process. Once every 4 or 5 years, the banana republic’s dictator has to show himself as a magnanimous leader, long suffering and tolerant about his opponents. He has to go on the road to “defend” his turf, in order that others don’t claim it and this also serves his bank accounts well. His cronies tag along, singing the same song and pledging to “help” the people. If you were in Africa, Middle East or South America, you can bomb your way out of trouble. If the CIA is a friend, you can use their assassins. But once you’re in a well-developed country with good infrastructure and a disciplined police and army, you will find this difficult to do.

So, as a rich new world order country, with a well educated and healthy population, where would you go once the people have found out that you have been eating their honey and scamming them for more than 50 years? Why, Zionist Israel of course, because they are the masters of deception, and they revel in it.

Chipping your voting card
With the advances in nanotechnology, it is now possible to embed microchips into a paper and with this you can monitor the location of the paper, its temperature and other parameters. You can also change the writing that was on it to suit your needs. This is not science fiction but fact! And its nanoimprint technology as shown in this video nanoimprint lithography (NIL) . And it is almost impossible for the voter to tell the difference between normal paper and microchipped. For proof, I will take you to the supermarket where technology at present can, with the touch of the hand-held laser device read all your purchases without your having to place the items you bought on the shelves! Your magic wand has arrived. See this Youtube video on latest checkout machines latest supermarket checkout technology and this was 3 years ago! The microchip has a RFID tag that identifies the item, its cost and other parameters. This system can then be adjusted to record purchase history of the consumer as well as telling the supermarket to restock or scrap certain items. It can also recall any sale on demand and as a safety feature, allow the buyer to make requests for certain items like medication etc.

Singapore’s SG 50 voting
This Zionist enclave and MOSSAD friendly government is now in the midst of election fever. Many relevant points have been raised by the opposition about 50 years of mismanagement by the dictators of the Lee clan, who have a hand in almost every sphere of life that the locals face.
Having lost a President scholar and politician in the 2011 general elections (he was their foreign minister), the ruling elite have come up with a way to prevent such historical repeats.
  The paper you cross your candidate on has been microchipped. It can alter the voted person by receiving input from a nearby feed device that will send a signal to alter the crossed out candidate and then allow the “chosen” one to be crossed in! It can also spoil the vote. The nearby feed device can be carried as an app on a Smartphone by anyone, including personnel on duty. All this is controlled by a brain center which sends command prompts from Satellites that the Singapore government owns!

How its done using Singapore’s orbiting satellites
Singapore has its own swarm of satellites, the latest launched in July last year (2014), just before the ill fated MH17 explosion in the Ukraine on July 22nd which killed all on board the MAS flight.
   Once a voter gets his voting card, he goes to the booth and then picks his candidate of choice by crossing the box next to his party. The paper slip is then folded in half and dropped off into the ballot box where it remains until it is opened by the receiving officer and the ballots counted. That is the official story.

The scam started when the PAP announced that it would for the FIRST time, render what it called a “sample count”, that would indicate how the voting was progressing based on a random count of 100 votes at certain times and from each ballot box. This would give an indication as to which party was leading and likely to win. Ask yourself why would the PAP be so interested in finding out who was leading and by how much? The PAP has a history of scare mongering as well as hiding the truth from the public – in other words, a lack of transparency. Exactly what the PAP needs in order to appear to win is information that can be used to alter the count in its favor. By not “stuffing ballot boxes” as was done in many third rate countries and by using smart devices, cheating has become a science in the 21st century.

The PAP can now monitor the progress of every candidate and at the correct time, send instructions via satellite to the Smartphone in use which will then send a signal to the microchipped ballot paper to erase the chosen candidate and replace with the new winner! Hooray, the PAP managed a 56% win this time. The opposition is in tatters. Long live the Party, Long live the Lee clan, 50 more good years and so on and so on….. when you decide to puke don’t tell me. I cleared my system a long time ago! And all the merry PAP politicians go to the bank as happy as a toad in springtime.

The sample count
This sample count is the ace in the PAP’s hole. It can warn the PAP that a certain opponent is way ahead. The PAP needs to win, but to do it in a manner that seems realistic. It can change at will all the ballots, as these are carbon based on paper that is treated and supplied by the PAP. Any carbon based paper can be electrically altered to suit as any signal sent can cause the writing to be changed accordingly. That is all I have to say at this juncture. But I would expect some counter measures and these are in the think-tanks on the opposition’s side. It’s a war out there! Enjoy!
For more info, visit my blogs at papani786 and at deadbankstersociety .


Friday, July 10, 2015

Zionist False Flag v2 coming to Chicago.

The next wave of the false flag done on the world stage will be a nuclear event most likely in the Windy City - Chicago, IL. Please be patient and view the WHOLE video to get the information I am sharing with you. And God be your Guide.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Zionism in South-East Asia and Air Asia QZ8501. “Now everyone can die.”

  This material may be published anywhere but please link directly to my blog page.

Zionism in South-East Asia and Air Asia QZ8501
“Now everyone can fly die.”
Three plane crashes in a period of six months would bankrupt any airline. That is one reason, and a huge one, that airlines are very stringent on aircraft maintenance and safety.
There is only the conclusion that some dark power is instigating all these “accidents” in order to cause chaos and to bring nations that have developed out of their sphere of influence into subjugation.

My blog article on MAS MH 370 flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur (KL) and its fate uses only one possible scenario. From another point, no wreckage has ever been found of the aircraft. It reads like a James Bond script but my intuition tells me that the passengers gone missing so far are the key to its disappearance. And that some of them are still alive.

Cloaking devices
The American computer chip engineer who was travelling with his colleagues from the same factory in Beijing was working on a cloaking device. Cyber chatter after this mishap has concentrated on this person. He would be a prime target for the CIA/MOSSAD to kidnap and extract information. Some sources say that he was carrying the cloaking device with him after making refinements in a factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whatever it was, the situation provided a good opportunity for the enemies of the free world to
engineer a hijacking.
What do cloaking devices do? The information was that the Chinese had almost a workable device which could render any object in sky or earth virtually undetectable. This had major consequences for weapon manufacturers as well as countries that parasitize others, like the US, Russia, China and European/UK power blocks.

KL-07 Microchip
  A device like this when used would render any force invisible to the enemy. A small number of cloaked aircraft would render helpless any foe and lead to its complete and utter annihilation.
Israel is famous for theft of other countries weapon systems, you can find the number of its spies held in jail or executed to be very large. Zionists have a history of theft going back into the dark ages!
Israeli Spy J.Pollard

I am your friendly neighborhood Zionist, give me all your gold!
As an example, you can confirm that master spy Jonathan Jay Pollard (on right) is still in jail for life for stealing US nuclear weapon secrets and giving them to Israel. Hence the Zionists avenged themselves on Mordechai Vanunu also known as John Crossman, a former Israeli nuclear technician who, citing his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, revealed details of Israel's nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986. He was subsequently lured to Italy by a Mossad agent, where he was drugged and abducted by Israeli intelligence agents. He was transported to Israel and ultimately convicted in trial that was held behind closed doors.

 Vanunu (an Israeli working at the Dimona Nuclear Plant) was only freed after over 18 years rotting in Israeli jails. He helped to expose the nuclear secrets that Israel had and the Nukes (almost500) that Israel has in its arsenal to be used in its “Samson Option”.

The world seems deaf, dumb and blind to Israel’s nukes but finds Iran’s nuclear power program a threat.

To Cloak or Uncloak
We are familiar with a CT scan. This modern miracle allows non-invasive views into the human body. It can detect cancers, blockages in the body and has many other varied uses. The cloaking device can do t
he same for earth bound objects. Meaning? Basically that it can “see” into the earth. Buildings and buried structures become transparent and can be analyzed to reveal details unheard of. 

At right is a CT scan of a human head in 3D and MPR views. (Courtesy Wikipedia).

Imagine an onion, and you peel away the layers and like a CT scan you enter into the core and the secrets are revealed!
To uncloak you would be able to see sunken ships that have been layered over with mud and debris over the years. Even with those from 150 years ago as metal started to be used in ships around the time of the late 1800’s. These were commercial crafts, used to carry goods and powered by steam.
The recent equivalent of a CT scan done on the Earth is Muon Tomography, please see the links in the references section and you will understand the power available to an elite group of people out to rob the world, enslave and kill to enrich themselves.

Muon tomography used on the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant can be retooled to be used as a detector for sunken, entombed or hidden treasure. Watch this 4 minute video.

US Spy Satellite Logo
During World War 2, Hitler stole German Zionist Jewish gold and precious stones. These ended up in secret caches, hidden by the SS and Hitler’s own personal bodyguards. There are reports that submarines loaded with looted gold were sent across the Atlantic to South America possibly Brazil and Argentina. Some of these subs never made it, being diverted by the crews themselves or sunk by the UK/US navies.

Atlantic Ocean is very deep, at places reaching over 10,000 metres, any attempt to salvage at depths exceeding 300 metres would be impossible with present technology. This was shown in the case of an Air France flight 447 which was carrying hundreds of passengers which exploded over the Atlantic Ocean albeit closer to the mainland of Brazil than the deep ocean. It took salvage operations a total of a few months in order to retrieve the blackbox. Initially it was thought to be an impossible task. Needless to say, all on board perished.

The Java Sea
This sea is actually an underwater plateau that extends over the vast Indonesian archipelago. In the last Ice Age it was a landbridge linking parts of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and New Guinea to the Australian continent.
The deepest portion is only about 65m and this makes it ideal for anti-submarine depth charges to blow apart or sink any Japanese submarines. This was done in the WW2 period by US and Australian forces. General MacArthur had his men looking for these in the Java Sea as well.
Java Sea
Even 2 German subs were wrecked in the Java Sea! They were U-183 and U-537. Therefore this was a theatre of war and I would expect to see wrecks quite often. There are too many but the ones that would interest the greedy Zionists would be shipwrecks laden with confiscated gold heading for Tokyo, Japan.

General Yamashita’s Gold
This war criminal was hung to death by the Nuremberg War Commission for war crimes in the Philippines and other places. When asked about the gold looted from rich Chinese merchants and locals, he said “No gold exists”.
Yamashita went to the grave with his secret, or did he? To the Japanese army, the Emperor is GOD and his word is final and to serve him is the highest honour imaginable. This is because of the utmost respect they have for the Emperor Hirohito.

General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s (left) last words before hanging to death in a Philippines army barracks near Manila on February 23rd 1946 were, ‘I will pray for the Japanese emperor and the emperor's family, and national prosperity. Dear father and mother I am going to your side. Please educate well my children’
The precedent the decision established to hang Yamashita was that a commander can be held accountable before the law for the crimes committed by his troops even if he did not order them, did not stand by to allow them, or possibly even know about them or have the means to stop them. This doctrine of command accountability has been added to the Geneva Conventions and was applied to dozens of trials in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. It has also been adopted by the International Criminal Court established in 2002.

General Yamashita surrenders in 1945
I would posit here that Yamashita had informed the Emperor personally that the gold was his and the locations were revealed as well. He had secretly sent much of the gold to Tokyo but due to increase in Allied attacks he assigned centres to collect all the gold possible and this included Batavia or now better known as Jakarta which had a rich merchant class.
Further, in order to avoid detection and to cover the gold smuggling to Tokyo, General Yamashita cast the confiscated gold not into gold bars but into huge balls roughly the size of the human head. Then he had these covered over with a layer of lead. This made it look like cannon balls or ammunition which would therefore complete the deception when transporting, loading and offloading.

A US ship, led by Lt.Cmdr Adams, recently took possession of this first lot on 10th January 2015. This ship was in the Java Sea.
Japanese surface ships as well as submarines were used to transport the gold back to Tokyo on regular basis. See this report on the ship Ashigara World War II shipwrecks in the Java_Sea. As the war became worse for the Japanese, it was decided similar to Hitler’s case, to hide them in caches around underwater caves or to send them via submarines because Japan was encircled by US submarines that blockaded Tokyo and other cities in 1944/45. You will find numerous inlets in the Indonesian Archipelago where underwater caves are common features.
The Emperor of Japan
Coming back to present times, the Emperor saw his country bankrupted by the Zionist sabotage of Fukushima and the Tsunami which was an underwater nuclear explosion triggered by the MOSSAD in retaliation for Japan selling Iran weapons grade Plutonium. Read my article I wrote back in 2011 Japanese Plutonium exports.

The Emperor Hirohito may have decided to reveal the location of these caches and the identities of the ships that held them, some of which are in the bottom of the Java Sea before he dies. But it was in 1989 when he passed away.
He may  NOT say anything in which case the High Priests of Shinto are the holders of this secret.

Then the only alternative left is the use of Muon Tomography, see the references section on this.

The Japanese Space Launch
Just recently, in November 2014, Japan launched a spacecraft to study an asteroid near the Earth. Why would an almost bankrupted country look for dirt in space? What benefit would it derive? The NASA spy agency had already done this.
I posit therefore that information by torture of the microchip scientists and others working for him resulted in the fabrication of a new device that could scan the seas for sunken treasure. This space launch was for that purpose! Zionist Israel had forced Japan into cooperating and in return, Japan may get a small cut in the proceeds, but knowing the Zionists this is unlikely.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe now reporting to his new boss, the genocidal maniac Netanyahu on 20th January 2015 in Tel Aviv.

Once a launch takes place subsequent monitoring of the spacecraft is done by the government of Japan or its agents, in this case the US and Israel. Japan now works for the Zionist network, having learned its lesson the hard way through the Tsunami and Fukushima.
The Japanese have through this spacecraft, pinpointed hotspots in the Java Sea where General Yamashita’s caches were buried or sunk by allied ships in WW2. The game plan was working and with this new information, the next thing was to recover the gold. In order to cover their tracks, we have the next scenario.

Air Asia QZ8501 was brought down

In order to cover their tracks and to avoid suspicion, the plane was targeted by Zionists to be brought down over the Java Sea near the “golden hotspots”.
How this was done may have been by use of a satellite laser device which targeted the fuel tanks or engine which then exploded or the presence of bombs onboard or an engine “kill switch” triggered by Airbus Industries staff linked to Zionist organizations like the MOSSAD, thus sending 162 people to their deaths. The latest information shows a large midsection of the jet with clipped wings lying in the sea of Java at 40 metres depth.

With the plane crash, you will be quite surprised to hear that Singapore, a Zionist Emirate, sent in 5 ships to cover the search and rescue. Then even better, the US steps in with its Lt.Cmdr Adams talking about humanitarian efforts to find the victims.
We all know too well of past US “humanitarian efforts”, I can name you some here like the presentation of Smallpox laden blankets to Native Americans in the winter, see Trail of Tears   , the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to “save American lives” when the war was actually over and Japan was negotiating surrender. It goes on and on. The “humanitarian efforts” to bring democracy to Libya speaks for itself, a country which now is in anarchy. This inhuman Zionist garbage has no interest in helping anyone but themselves! They use the cover of the plane crash to search for the sunken gold on the bottom of the Java Sea.

Singapore’s role
This Zionist Emirate prides itself as an “Israel of the East” and will bootlick its Zionist masters willingly in order to eat the scraps offered by Netanyahu. It is run by a tyrannical Chinaman who has passed on the reigns of deception onto his army general son to proceed to mislead and deceive its people. The son has raided the Singaporean nest egg, a pension fund called the Central Provident Fund for his own personal use. He has not, like the tyrant father, allowed anyone to see the investments made by this fund and neither has he reported on the losses sustained in bad investments for more than 30 years!

Singapore today is almost bankrupt having a nincompoop general ruining the economy with bad investments and covering this up by telling the people to work until they literally drop dead! Pension fund raider Brig-Gen. Lee now has no option but to tag along like a rabid Zionist dog to do Israel’s bidding.

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko (R) meets with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Istana in Singapore December 9, 2014. Poroshenko is on a two-day working visit to Singapore from December 9 to 10 en route to Australia.   Courtesy REUTERS/Edgar Su.

The Ukrainian people have Brig.Gen Lee to “thank” for regarding the army draft implemented by Poroshenko in January 2015. After learning how Lee did it with his people in Singapore, Poroshenko legislated the army draft bill in the Zionist parliament of Ukraine and now intends to raise an army of at least 100,000 to fight against the Russians who are already well-armed and more experienced. 

As most dictators are loath to realize, it is the quality of the men and not the numbers that make a difference!
You will notice that in all the 3 air crashes, no Singapore citizen was involved or killed except for a 2 year old baby on board Air Asia QZ8501. This baby is still missing!

The Deception
From the very day as it happened, the location of where the plane went down was already known by satellite imaging and also by the United States Geological Service (USGS), Singapore and the Indonesian governments.
This imaging is so advanced it can see a tennis ball in middle of the ocean and read the name of the manufacturer! Don’t believe me, then see this link

Further, satellites can spot planets on other stars, some up to a few thousand light years away, so what is a tennis ball on the sea on Earth?
Why the USGS? The USGS monitors worldwide calamities, mostly earthquakes and gives Tsunami warnings, a job it FAILED to do in December 26th 2004 in Aceh, where more than 300,000 people died.
However its primary role is the protection of US interests, where its ships are and its bases in more than 150 countries throughout the world. They had to close the US Subic Bay base in 1992 because of the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, generating a loss of hundreds of billions of US dollars to the US taxpayers as well as loss of income to Filipino prostitutes supplying sexual services to the US army.

The weight of a fully laden jet is about 50 tons and when it falls out of the sky, it is monitored by spy satellites as well as land and sea markers. The markers in the Java Sea were placed there post the Aceh tsunami to act as early warning systems for the heavily populated islands in Indonesia. They would have definitely picked up the smashing of the plane into the sea. 50 tons travelling at 200km/h (or terminal velocity) would really create a big wave as well as generate a huge seismic echo as the wave hit the sea bottom.

The information was withheld by the USGS as well as the Indonesian government run by a newly elected Zionist Obama-clone called Jokowi who prides himself as coming from a poor background but now lives like a king in his palace in Jakarta. This was done in order to give the US navy time to manouvre to pick up the gold. The operation lasted about 2 weeks and may still be ongoing.
 Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo shakes hands with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the presidential palace in Jakarta, Oct 20, 2014. Jokowi with his new “handler”, PM of Singapore Brig.Gen Lee. (Picture Courtesy Reuters). 

Sheldon Adelson, the Arch-Zionist and the Lees of Singapore.

This Mafioso has his HQ in the gambling dens of Macau. His newer HQ is Singapore where he has been very warmly welcomed as the owner of the Marina Sands Casino. This building is on record as the second most expensive building in the world, built at a cost of more than US$6 Billion. He is known to take a personal interest in politics of the US and wherever he graces his malevolent presence. He tried to buy a US Presidential candidate see this report at this link Adelson,Bribery,Islamaphobe and Money Laundering and made Obama return donation money he took from Adelson, see this report
A rabid Zionist and Islamaphobe, he is best friends with the Lees of Singapore. After all similar birds prefer their own company. We all know this too well. The Lees are responsible for the banning of the Muslim hijab in public schools as well as the Muslim call to prayer, a practice that was tolerated by the British before they handed over the country to this Zionist Chinaman. Lee has also legalized prostitution and gambling in Singapore.

Adelson wants his son to become a sniper in the Israel Defence Force (IDF), a cowardly organization that regularly rapes Arab women, uses Arab kids as sex objects and human shields. IDF also imprisons with impunity children as young as 5 years old and many are molested in cramped jails. IDF snipers had a field day in the Egypt riots where many sniper teams flew down to Cairo from Tel Aviv to shoot from rooftops the Muslim protesters and supporters of Morsi before he was overthrown by Zionist stooge Egyptian General el-Sisi.

“In 2009, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), which is a hard-line Zionist group that wants Israel to retain the occupied territories and expand the Jewish settlements,  presented  Adelson its most distinguished and historic award, the Theodor Herzl Gold Medallion for outstanding achievement in Zionism.  His wife received the Louis D. Brandeis Award. They have their names on one of ZOA’s major awards, the Dr. Miriam & Sheldon Adelson Defender of Israel Award,” so says a Veterans Today report.

Knowing his obsession with total control and being morally bankrupt, he sets up the Marina Sands Resort with his similarly endowed partner Lee of Singapore. A person who sets up a Casino must also want that all the dirt it attracts be certified pure. Hence the change in the laws of Singapore where in 2014 , the Law was changed by Hindu Zionist Shanmugam, Singapore’s Law Minister and acting Foreign Minister ( the holding of 2 portfolios is due to the sacking of the previous Foreign Minister,  by the people of Singapore) who repealed the death penalty for some drug offences. This rascal then does one better by banning by law Online gaming in Singapore in January 2015. Online gaming is the death knell of the casinos because if people can have the confidence to gamble at home, then who would visit the casinos?

Adelson’s many shenanigans
Under his malevolent presence in neighboring Macau where he is Lord of the Manor, China has had a high price to pay. Rather than have your agents go into China and hunt for information on China –Russian cooperation projects and other secrets, UltraMOSSAD agent Adelson makes the bees come to the honey. He sets up store in Macau and has the Chinese he wants eating from his hands and supplying all the information he needs to send to his masters in Israel. How do you corrupt someone who has a penchant for gambling as the Chinese are so wont to have? You extend lines of credit to the gamblers and ask them to bring along influential people who you can then ensnare and blackmail. You also run a whorehouse on the side to keep the entertainment up and to make them your slaves. This will include sex slaves of all ages for the corrupt Chinese officials and an opium den as well thrown in for good measure. See this link sheldon-adelson-sands-casino-pay-47-million-fine.

MH370 and Adelson
Knowing that the Chinese have many secrets up their sleeves -a Cloaking device and others-this rascal then proceeds to inform MOSSAD who then promptly engineer the hijacking of the plane along with help of the Singapore Zionist connection.
My personal belief is that the pilots and most of the crew are alive and so are most passengers including the 20 from the Chinese computer chip manufacturer which now is officially owned by the Rothschild group of Israel. They are held in prisons in either Guantanamo, Diego Garcia or in Israel. Those passengers deemed as “useless eaters” will have been killed. Most of the Chinese families of the victims do not believe that the missing are dead as officially declared by Malaysia on 30th January 2015. See this link chinese-mh370-relatives-reject.

Hence the trip by PM of Malaysia who played golf with Obama in Hawaii whilst his country was affected by the worst floods in 50 years in late December 2014 is a no brainer for the nincompoop PM of Malaysia. Najib had met Obama so that he could appeal for the release of the passengers of the MH370 and its crew. This was not revealed to the official media but done secretly. However the drone mass-murderer and a pudgy PM did not get along well. Najib went back empty-handed and empty-headed as well, having used all options except telling the truth to the people that CIA/MOSSAD/Adelson did the MH370 fiasco. It’s a hard habit to break when as a politician you lie and lie and lie! And you can’t tell the truth because its poison to your kind.

China’s Reaction to Adelson
In a record cleaning up of China’s political elite, President Xi Jin Ping ordered the imprisonment of a very senior Chinese Politburo member along with some of his lieutenants. Many were also jailed. This scandal is on record as being the largest crackdown on corruption since the 1960’s China of Mao Tse-Tung, another Rothschild agent. This was done to “purge reactionary elements” within the party, which basically means STOP GAMBLING IN MACAU.
China has also banned Macau from certain activities and placed some visa restrictions on mainland Chinese going to Macau.

Adelson has paid dearly for this MOSSAD operation he engineered. He has lost Billions as a result of Chinese blocking Macau’s trade in Casinos. See link
And it gets better still, a honey trap here  Bo's friends and sex tapes

Zionists Love Gold as does the proverbial Leprechaun

Sheldon Adelson and the crock of gold Zionists envy and want very badly.

If you have a bank holding gold bullion, chances are you probably do not have it now! Go and check in Tunisia, Libya, Yugoslavia (which has ceased to exist), Ukraine, and many other states. Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia which will soon be targeted. Most of the countries mentioned have lost their gold which belonged to the people - looted by the Zionists. They loot and then hide in a safe haven, same MO as a leprechaun.

How can gold be found now?
Most of the gold present in the world is reused. Your gold ring might have some remnants of the gold from Cleopatra’s collection way back in 40BC. Then I would expect that these Zionists being the shady cowards they are, will by subterfuge steal all your gold. There are reports now that all the gold in Fort Knox is missing. Countries like Germany and Switzerland have asked for their gold to be repatriated but the US has delayed this. The reports can be heard from many sources including Veterans Today radio broadcasts. Gordon Duff of Veterans Today also mentions that Adelson is wanted in the US for questioning and is hiding in Macau to avoid this. See this video link,
Damascus Debate on Terror  and note what Gordon Duff says especially at the 4 minute mark. I would suggest you hear the whole thing out!

The Time of Yamashita’s Death
There is a strange cryptic message sent to the Emperor of Japan when General Yamashita was facing the gallows. His last words recorded in Japanese and translated were, ‘I will pray for the Japanese emperor and the emperor's family, and national prosperity. Dear father and mother I am going to your side. Please educate well my children’
There was no direct contact with the emperor and that Yamshita had the treasure which so many have tried to find in the last message he sent to his God, the Emperor Hirohito.

He was granted the time to choose his execution and he chose 3:04 am on the 23rd of February, 1946 to return to the nether world. Yet by not talking about the location of the many caches of treasure he revealed the location of one very important piece of treasure. The time was the key.

We are not in need of high tech gadgets in order to search for the treasure of Yamashita. When he said “I will pray for the Japanese emperor and the emperor’s family and national prosperity……” the message was already sent.
·        The key word ‘PRAY’   means “Emperor I have a message for you”…
·        ‘Emperor’s family(something precious)’…the crown jewels and other stuff.
·        ‘National prosperity’ …..all the wealth you ever need is here for Japan to recover from the Atomic Cataclysm.
·        ‘Father and mother’ …. 2 ships are here.
·        ‘Educate well’……..know that there is more
·        ‘Children’….. and some others in caves located nearby.

The original message in Japanese would reveal more, but I lack this talent.
There you have it. The message he sent before dying. Now where is the location? Look at the TIME of his execution. It was 3hrs, 04 minutes. And he was headed SOUTH into the nether world. Here it means 3 degrees 04 minutes South. Located in the Java Sea. This is very near the present position of the Air Asia QZ8501 upside down wrecked fuselage.

Well, if you think that you want to head for this I would advise you DON’T. The US is already there and they will kill you for it. A quote from a book I had read, called “The First Circle” by Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn - you have a Russian saying, “Better bread with water than pie with trouble”. I agree! If you think all this is nonsense, you might just be right, but then again, I may be as well!
This section is for your information on how far we have advanced in certain technologies.
1.     Digital Globe world view a commercial satellite company. See its many skills. World View3 and at Nasa spaceflight commercial.
2.     What happens when you turn an astronomy satellite into a spy satellite? The resolution is mind boggling! 5 planets in star system and this is 117 light years away!
3.     Watch this Youtube video on Muon Tomography at this link 3-D scan of a Volcano using Muon Tomography and also this Looking inside Fukushima Daichi Plant in Japan to assess damage and dangers.
4. The real reason for the downfall of China's Bo Xi Lai

Muon tomography is the key to unearthing sunken, lost and buried treasure.

Find out what New Technologies are capable of and all done covertly to avoid suspicion. Watch this interview with David Icke.